♡ 14th ♡

5th July 2013
is another date
to remember
Happy 14th Monthsary
to my lovely
Eyman Rafeeq Bin Ahmad Raziff ♡

we have been here
for so many times but
i still dont know
what to tell you
i am completely speechless
my mouth is zipped
words are hovering in my mind
yet i couldnt find
the exact, appropriate words
for you

you said "im tired"
"im done"
"let me go"
but i reluctant
to get this over
no, not now
or never

i know i am so
c o m p l i c a t e d
im clingy
im too sensitive
im stubborn
im fussy
im really sorry :(
i dont wanna
repeat my same mistake
again and again
i know you have
experienced excessive
amount of
excruciating pain
i am deeply sorry
i dont wanna lose you again :(

thank you for;
your love and care
always being there for me
staying, no matter what
understanding me well
treating me as your princess
the good times
cheering me up, always
being my strength when i was at my lowest
your sacrifices
being my bestfriend
helping me in my studies
your advices
the happiness you brought
the littlest thing youve done

words will never ever be enough
how thankful and
blessed i am
to have you
here, in my life
after all
thank you very much
for everything, sayang
cant deny that
you are the best!

i know there is
a long, long way
waiting for us
guess im all ready
i love you, sayang
i love you real loads.

♡ Happy 14th Monthsary, Eyman Rafeeq Ahmad Raziff ♡